September 27, 2020 New Puppies!

Josie delivered a really lovely litter of puppies. We have 1 boy and 6 girls! We are lucky that each puppy has a great home waiting for them to grow up and head home!  I will catch some pictures and post them shortly!

Litter of Puppies … June 30, 2019 

MacPhail Litters Over Time


9/27/2020 CA CH Mackanme Iulius Planus Uva Moscato X GCHB MacPhail Wicked Live Wire … Ugo x Josie…1 Boy and 6 girls

6/30/2019 GCHB Sundance’s Lucky Rover x GCHB MacPhail Wicked Live Wire… Bowie x Josie …. 1 boy and 3 girls

7/10/2018 AM CAD CH Mackanme From All Around  X GCH Mackanme A Wicked Good Tale  …. Drifter X Salem… 5 boy and 2 girls

3/10/2017 GCH Mackanme Patriotic Justice X GCH Mackanme A Wicked Good Tale …. Justice X Salem…. 5 boys and 4 girls

8/18/2014 AM CAD CH Mackanme Foreign Affair v. Bodasca X GCH Mackanme A Wicked Good Tale …. Euro X Salem… 5 boys and 1 girl

4/15/2007 CH Villa Rosas Dun Dryk Star O’Kaler X Brookdene River Dance…. Danny x Misty…. 4 boys and 2 girls

6/9/2005  CH Villa Rosas Gwerbret O’Redhill X Brookdene River Dance….Jarl X Misty…. 4 boys and 1 girl

7/7/2003 CH Villa Rosas Paddy X Brookdene River Dance…. Paddy x Misty…. 5 boys and 1 girl