Interested in a show dog ??   I am interested in hearing from you! 

July 3 2021:  We have a NEW Grand Champion! Molly finished her title today at the Wrentham MA shows. She did so well.. she had one 4 point major and the rest of her points were 5 point majors over other Champions! She has done so well!

Molly New Grand Champion. Here with Catherine Pikul.

June 30 2021: Happy Birthday to Clancy, Molly, Mazey Mae and Rylee Rose! You are already 2 years old.. wow that went fast!!!

April 28, 2021: So much news!! First I am excited to announce that Molly became a new AKC Champion— she is now CH MacPhail Goin’ Lucky!! Thanks to Catherine Pikul who took her to shows in April. They made a great team winning majors and points and a new title!!

Next- I am very exited to announce that Finn has sired 5 puppies in the Netherlands!! There are 4 boys and 1 girl.

Next: We are expecting puppies puppies near the end of May. I have a hefty list of families who were waiting since my last litter and shortly I will contact them all to verify that the timing will still work for them. But- we are excited!

April 1, 2021: Finn is expecting to be dad in the Netherlands!

March 5, 2021:    CH MacPhail Goin’ In Style  It’s official that Clancy has completed his AKC Championship! We are so proud of him! And of his friend Kathy R who handled him in the ring for me.  Thanks to his special family who let us show him! BIG congrats to all!!

January 24, 2021 : My puppies have been sending me the most gorgeous photos of their new happy homes. It makes me so very pleased to see them having fun and growing up. Clancy and Molly are hoping to attend a show in early February 2021. My hope is that Clancy will get a point and finish his Championship. Molly has not been to a show since before covid and we hope she shows her beautiful self and has a fun time… it would be super exciting if she picked up a point .. but more important for her to settle back into the show routine.

December 11 2020: Getting ready for this coming week… the last of the puppies will be heading to their homes and we will be empty nesters… for a while anyway!

December 7, 2020: They are leaving me… so sad for me. Fortunately they are all going to wonderful homes who have waited and wanted them for so long!

November 16, 2020: Puppies are 7 weeks old and so so busy now!! Everyone is doing great. And we are starting to work on preparing for them to go to their homes– introduction to car rides, leashes, and crates.

October 10, 2020:  Everyone is doing well and the puppies are getting big and strong! They are really so cute!

September 27, 2020:  Josie has her puppies! There is 1 boy and 6 girls.  They are doing well and Josie is a great momma!

Aug 13, 2020:  We live in interesting times! I came to Florida for a few weeks of “girls” vacation in Feb with just my Mom and my wheatens. Then we locked down here because of COVID. And… well.. we are still here not wanting to take the risk of driving or flying back north. Its a lovely place to be  — well, overlooking the hurricane warnings! — but, of course, its not New England with our family – who tell me they are having a nice hot summer.  I was planning a litter of puppies for the fall and I have a list of wonderful homes in the northeast hoping for wheaten puppies. But, at this point, I am committing to staying in Florida until winter at least and maybe until there is a vaccine. I have written to them. I am so sorry I wont be able to put puppies in those homes this time. Maybe next litter.

July 15 2020: My friend Kathy has been keeping our puppies clean and well groomed up in Massachusetts while I am in Florida. Here is Molly, Clancy, and Kathy’s boy Duke have a COVID pool party!

June 30, 2020: Tried to keep our party hats on to say Happy 2nd Birthday to Pippa and her litter mates! But we did find the hats a bit tricky!!

April 19, 2020:  Hi! We are all trying to stay safe and that means staying separate.  A bit of cabin fever might be hitting us however.  I have had a lot of inquiries about puppies. Unfortunately I don’t have puppies now and likely won’t have my next litter until the fall at the earliest. Hopefully by then dog shows and so many other activities will return as part of our “new normal”. Meanwhile, we are hoping that you and your family and all your pets are staying safe and healthy.

Jan 21, 2020:   EXCITING NEWS!!   Our show puppies from Josie and Bowie’s litter went to their first shows in Wilmington MA. We saw some puppy behaviours in the ring (!) but they were pretty good looking!! They each took Winner’s for 1 Championship point each day.. and just like that they are on their way! I had some help from Katherine Roldan and our friend Kayla to get the 2 puppies and Pippa into the ring. Pippa picked up 6 Grand Championship points too so it was a Wicked Fun weekend for all of us!! Show pictures to follow.

Dec 31, 2019: Merry Christmas!! Happy New Year!! Happy New Decade!! This was our Christmas Card this year… it is Salem 9yrs, Pippa 1 1/2 yrs, and Josie 5 yrs (from left to right).

Dec 15, 2019:  Finn won an Award of Merit at the Royal Canin AKC National Dog Show in Orlando Florida today! I am pretty happy about that!! He looks so good. Catherine Pikul groomed and handled him and they made a great team!!  Here is a photo of his last moments preparing before ring time. Official photo later!

Dec 8, 2019: Finn was shown in Oaks PA this weekend and he earned the last point needed for his NEW GRAND Champion title! Congrats FINN!!

Dec 8, 2019:  Pippa was shown in W Springfield Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. She won 3 Grand Champion points over the weekend.. and we had a lot of fun! I will post official win photos and her Christmas photo as soon as I get them.

Oct 23, 2019:    I took Salem and Pippa to the Vet today for their annuals. I ran into Clancy there!! He is Josie’s boy who is now 16 weeks old and my male show prospect !  He and Molly will come to visit next week for grooming- I will try to get some photos!

Oct 20, 2019: Finn has been doing great working towards his Grand Championship! This weekend he took Best of Breed each day! He now has 20 GCH points (needs 25 for the title). And he has his 3 majors and he has won over other Champions on four occasions (once over 4 other Champions in the PA show!).

Oct 15, 2019: Josie’s puppies have all gone to their new homes and are doing great! Their names are Rylee Rose ( Lt Pink Collared Girl), Mazey Mae (Dark Pink collared girl), Clancy (blue collared boy), and Molly (purple collared girl).  I am hoping you will get to see Clancy and Molly in the show ring in the future!!

New Website. Aug 2019.. DogWebs set up this nice website for me. Should have done this earlier. Right now, we have Josie’s puppies 7 weeks old and getting prepared to head to new homes. Hoping the last one is placed in a show home..